Fixing Safari Can’t Connect To Localhost Issue When Using Sauce Labs Connect Tunnel

I’ve been working on setting up CSS Visual Regression Tests on lately, and I was having a hard time getting OSX and IOS tests working with the Sauce Labs Connect Tunnel.  I discovered that only specific ports will work.  It’s not super well documented, but I found that both port 3000 and 4000 work.  So I changed my local server to serve on port 4000 as in http://localhost:4000 and now my OSX and IOS tests connect over the Sauce Labs Connect Tunnel!

I thought I’d share this because it was incredibly hard to find and there’s no official documentation on it, and even the Sauce Labs support team couldn’t figure it out after I spent hours giving them super detailed log files multiple times.

I hope this helps you!  :-)


The purpose of life, enjoyment and enthusiasm

I was listening to an audiobook by an author I’m fond of, a man named Eckhart Tolle.  It’s called A New Earth.  I like it.

He said some things I really enjoyed.  I’ll paraphrase here to match my understanding of what he said.

Your purpose in life is whatever you are doing right now.

When you take action that arises from your true nature, this moment, whatever you do which comes from that creates enjoyment.

When you make a plan for a long term goal, then put your attention back into the present moment, experiencing enjoyment as you create and move towards your goal, this creates enthusiasm.

This is how to change the world.


I just love this!

If you buy a copy of the book through the link above, Amazon will donate .5% to Action Against Hunger USA.